Bashas’ wins using Grocery Mystery Shopping with Video

Grocery mystery shopping programs are common, but video mystery shopping in the grocery store industry is unheard of. Prior to working with us, our client Bashas’  had been receiving standard written mystery shops for decades. There was probably a time where the data that a company could receive from a regular mystery shopping program was extremely beneficial. Today that is not the case. There is too much information in the world today to pay for data that may or may not be accurate. Sadly, written mystery shopping is just simply too littered with problems for it to be a worthwhile investment for clients. See Bashas’ discuss their use of video mystery shops in a recent video article at

We have been hard at work since 2010 perfecting video based mystery shopping. Our goal was to make it easier to do and just as affordable as written. Through our unique process and cutting edge software “Talon” we have achieved this goal. In the video linked to this article Rob Johnson, Customer Relations Manager at Bashas’, discusses why they could never go back to the way they were doing mystery shopping before.

We have successfully implemented video mystery shopping in thin margin industries that have never been able to afford video mystery shopping from our expensive competitors. These industries include grocery stores, fast food, convenience stores, furniture, cell phone shops, and more.

Like Bashas’, all of our clients are shocked at just how much they can learn about their own brands through watching our videos. The footage becomes an invaluable part of training, brand improvement and recognition. Beyond video Talon provides deep analytics in an easy to use intuitive platform that works on any browser or mobile device.

We are proud to be working with companies like Bashas’ that have made decisions to emphasize strong customer service. If you are reading this and live in or travel to Arizona, visit your local Bashas’, Food City, or AJ’s Fine Foods. If you are a corporate employee at a regional or national grocer, reach out to us to learn more about our grocery mystery shopping programs.


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