Fast Food Mystery Shopping Testimonial

We showed up at Blakes Lotaburger unannounced in 2015 hoping just to show them what we could do for them with our services. Fast food mystery shopping is common, but as far as we know we are one of the only companies performing video based mystery shopping at an affordable rate in the fast food industry. Like many of our clients they already had a mystery shopping service, but had many concerns about validity. The gatekeeper knew about this and let us come back the next day for a brief meeting where we showed her and another corporate person video mystery shop samples from their stores taken the day before.

They immediately loved what we had. We were back within a couple weeks building a from scratch evaluation that allowed Blake’s Lotaburger to look at all the data points that were important to them. We are proud of the survey that has been constructed. With it Blake’s management can within a couple seconds determine some really specific areas where they can drive improvement campaigns. For example, Blakes uses premium ketchup containers which cost the company $0.08 per container. As a result they want their 76 locations asking customers if they would like ketchup, as opposed to throwing handfuls of these containers onto trays or into to go bags. We built this question directly into the survey, so within seconds Blakes management can find out:

  1. Which stores are asking customers about condiments?
  2. Which stores are not?
  3. Who are the involved employees?
  4. Which stores are improving over time in this area?
  5. How are districts of stores doing as a whole on this?
  6. Over the course of a year which particular employees do this best/worst?

All these points of data from just 1 single question, and we designed a survey that covers everything from exterior maintenance/cleanliness, interior maintenance/cleanliness, effectiveness of the order taker, effectiveness of the expeditor, and food quality. Blakes is able to substantiate the data with video evidence which can be used in training sessions, corporate meetings, and more.

fast food mystery shoppingBest of all, this is one of the most affordable services companies like Blakes can buy. Through the course of the year we are generating 10’s of thousands of data points for them to drive improvement from, and as you will hear from the video we have become a second type of audit for them beyond simple financial auditing. We hope more executives in similar brands take advantage of our fast food mystery shopping specialty. Want to try out Blake’s? Check out their website for locations at


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