Fast Food Mystery Shopping Testimonial


We showed up at Blakes Lotaburger unannounced in 2015 hoping just to show them what we could do for them with our services. Fast food mystery shopping is common, but as far as we know we are one of the only companies performing video based mystery shopping at an affordable rate in the fast food industry. Like many of our clients they already had a mystery shopping service, but had many concerns about validity. The gatekeeper knew about this and let us come back the next day for a brief meeting where we showed her and another corporate person video mystery shop samples from their stores taken the day before.

They immediately loved what we had. We were back within a couple weeks building a from scratch evaluation that allowed Blake’s Lotaburger to look at all the data points that were important to them. We are proud of the survey that has been constructed. With it Blake’s management can within a couple seconds determine some really specific areas where they can drive improvement campaigns. For example, Blakes uses premium ketchup containers which cost the company $0.08 per container. As a result they want their 76 locations asking customers if they would like ketchup, as opposed to throwing handfuls of these containers onto trays or into to go bags. We built this question directly into the survey, so within seconds Blakes management can find out:

  1. Which stores are asking customers about condiments?
  2. Which stores are not?
  3. Who are the involved employees?
  4. Which stores are improving over time in this area?
  5. How are districts of stores doing as a whole on this?
  6. Over the course of a year which particular employees do this best/worst?

All these points of data from just 1 single question, and we designed a survey that covers everything from exterior maintenance/cleanliness, interior maintenance/cleanliness, effectiveness of the order taker, effectiveness of the expeditor, and food quality. Blakes is able to substantiate the data with video evidence which can be used in training sessions, corporate meetings, and more.

fast food mystery shoppingBest of all, this is one of the most affordable services companies like Blakes can buy. Through the course of the year we are generating 10’s of thousands of data points for them to drive improvement from, and as you will hear from the video we have become a second type of audit for them beyond simple financial auditing. We hope more executives in similar brands take advantage of our fast food mystery shopping specialty. Want to try out Blake’s? Check out their website for locations at

IMSC Endorses EERI


The Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition (IMSC) is a company dedicated to providing mystery shoppers an opportunity to learn, grow, and experience the best that the Mystery Shopping world has to offer. Pam Olmstead, President, talks about her Arizona based mystery shopping coalition and our relationship with them in the video. Eagle Eye has long been a staple in Arizona Mystery shopping, but Pam just recently moved her organization to the Valley.

Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence decided to partner with the coalition because of the unique differences between them and other industry trade associations. We saw the IMSC as an organization that wanted to improve mystery shopping for mystery shoppers, as opposed to an organization that was content leaving the industry in the status quo. We believe the mystery shopping world is broken. Shoppers have a hard time finding assignments, companies don’t really know who is going in and performing their mystery shops, and there is a general disregard for good data.

The IMSC and Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence have formed a strategic partnership to help improve arizona mystery shopping, and mystery shopping around the country. Shoppers will be able to take IMSC training directly from our Talon app. We attend all the IMSC conferences, and we regularly have been looking for opportunities to grow our partnership. For more information on the Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition please visit . In the Spring the IMSC holds conferences for Shoppers in the Midwest, or on the East Coast. In the fall the conferences are typically held in Las Vegas. This summer there will be a special event held in Gilbert Arizona in late June.

We would like to thank Pam Olmstead for the continual endorsement of our organization and what we do. We are excited to be partnered with the IMSC, and we look forward to a bright future together.

Brand consistency or lack thereof can make or break a franchise. According to Julie Bennett of the Franchise Times mystery shopping has been used to drive brand consistency since the 1940’s. Franchise mystery shopping is an affordable means of capturing data which can ultimately help management create consistent brand experiences. Eagle Eye offers cutting edge video mystery shopping to franchise based businesses instead of traditional paper based or written mystery shops.

Franchise mystery shopping

Video provides unparalleled evidence from which either a franchisee or franchisor can act to make improvements. Typically franchise type businesses have not sought after video mystery shopping. The reason for this has been historically high prices for video. Eagle Eye has invented better processes and its own state of the art platform, Talon, for the sake of making video mystery shopping more affordable.

Imagine if are a franchisor of 75 retail locations, and you receive video footage of customer interactions along with the audio from all your franchisees every month for 1 year. Very quickly you would see and hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. With Talon all 900 of these experiences would be historically saved and categorized. As a user you could easily sort between videos, filter for what you want to see, and even save the memorable ones to a favorites playlist for easy access. Talon couples videos into already powerful reporting allowing Eagle Eye’s clients to quickly determine what actions they should take to improve their brands.

In February Julie Bennett of the Franchise Times wrote a piece specifically on franchise mystery shopping. Jonathan, our CEO was interviewed for the story. The link below has her full story. It includes insightful information to companies considering mystery shopping, and in a section near the end entitled “Smarter Shops” Julie recommends considering video as part of a franchise mystery shopping program.

Bashas’ wins using Grocery Mystery Shopping with Video


Grocery mystery shopping programs are common, but video mystery shopping in the grocery store industry is unheard of. Prior to working with us, our client Bashas’  had been receiving standard written mystery shops for decades. There was probably a time where the data that a company could receive from a regular mystery shopping program was extremely beneficial. Today that is not the case. There is too much information in the world today to pay for data that may or may not be accurate. Sadly, written mystery shopping is just simply too littered with problems for it to be a worthwhile investment for clients. See Bashas’ discuss their use of video mystery shops in a recent video article at

We have been hard at work since 2010 perfecting video based mystery shopping. Our goal was to make it easier to do and just as affordable as written. Through our unique process and cutting edge software “Talon” we have achieved this goal. In the video linked to this article Rob Johnson, Customer Relations Manager at Bashas’, discusses why they could never go back to the way they were doing mystery shopping before.

We have successfully implemented video mystery shopping in thin margin industries that have never been able to afford video mystery shopping from our expensive competitors. These industries include grocery stores, fast food, convenience stores, furniture, cell phone shops, and more.

Like Bashas’, all of our clients are shocked at just how much they can learn about their own brands through watching our videos. The footage becomes an invaluable part of training, brand improvement and recognition. Beyond video Talon provides deep analytics in an easy to use intuitive platform that works on any browser or mobile device.

We are proud to be working with companies like Bashas’ that have made decisions to emphasize strong customer service. If you are reading this and live in or travel to Arizona, visit your local Bashas’, Food City, or AJ’s Fine Foods. If you are a corporate employee at a regional or national grocer, reach out to us to learn more about our grocery mystery shopping programs.

Mystery Shopping Revolution by EERI


A few weeks ago City Brand Media, a company that owns 100’s of sites throughout the country interviewed us and published this video about how we are are changing the mystery shopping industry. The original story can be found at

Eagle Eye has been hard at work over the past 6 years, but in particular the past year has been tremendous for us. On the mystery shopping front we are continually improving the quality of our video mystery shops both through our operations and our software development. In December and January alone we on-boarded a record 6 new client audits.

We have been perfecting the process of video mystery shopping since 2010, and every month we analyze 1000’s of data points to improve Talon, our soon to be launched reporting platform for mystery shopping companies and end clients. This platform is a game changer in delivering actionable data. It is the first reporting platform in our industry that brings video into the core, and allows our clients to easily see what is happening when we send auditors into their stores.

Our company is unique because we truly understand every facet of this space. The Eagle Eye core staff have personally performed over 20,000 shops as mystery shoppers. We have years of experience in the field, in the verification seat, working with a range of clients including grocery, fast food, convenience stores, furniture, car washes, high end retail, cell phone retailers, and more. We know how to take any traditional written shopping program and convert it into an affordable video shopping program which becomes one of the most cost effective means of generating actionable data for our clients.

Do you work for a corporation that has a mystery shopping program? Have you ever been dissatisfied with the usability of the data? Have you ever questioned the validity of a shop report? We have yet to meet face to face with a prospective client and not earn their business. Reach out to us today for more information.