We have a vision, to redefine what the retail world has come to know as “mystery shopping” as one of the premier mystery shopping companies focusing on video mystery shopping.

Our vision began to take shape through a unique exposure into mystery shopping. Some years ago Jonathan, our founder, came across an ad and ended up taking on a role as a mystery shopper fulfilling a large route. Jonathan was asked to take video while performing the mystery shops. Soon, it became clear that handling video came with a huge set of technical difficulties. Jonathan and the original team painstakingly put their years of technical expertise to work utilizing many different technologies to eventually get a working method of bringing video to the client in near real time. At this point mystery shopping was just one source of income for our company JC&P Services, which had begun as a web-based virtual solutions company.

After some time as Jonathan continued to gain more and more experience as an auditor completing over 10,000 video mystery shops, we came together as a team and examined the industry. We all registered ourselves as shoppers with some of the most noteworthy mystery shopping firms in the country. It did not take long for us to see that the Fortune 500 client we were serving was receiving something completely unique to the industry. Most importantly: Valid Data-Proven through Video! The two most shocking discoveries in our research:

  1. Shoppers can and do get away with providing falsified reports regularly.
  2. Our competitors do not ensure that they provide a complete data set. Rural locations continually get missed.

Armed with this knowledge and our growing concept we decided to make Eagle Eye our only business venture. The last step in our preparation was to take all the years of front lines experience coupled with our company’s expertise in creating web-based solutions, and build the most advanced client facing reporting environment in the industry.

Now it’s your turn to discover what you are missing out on with your mystery shopping service, or how your company could benefit from a retail intelligence partner. We specialize in bringing our solution to regionally spread businesses with 50-3000 locations. Our clients regularly tell us that they have yet to come across anyone else that does what we do.

Our team is excited to continually partner with more and more businesses in regular and new categories.


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