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Talon is the pinnacle of a mystery shopping reporting software. Light years ahead of all of the other dated mystery shopping reporting software Talon has been carefully crafted. Our goal in creating this first video mystery shopping reporting software was to create something simple and intuitive yet more powerful than anything else available.

Mystery shopping is essentially a data gathering business, and over time we collect large amounts of data. In designing Talon we considered how to best allow each different type of user in our clients’ organizations quick access to just the data that was relevant to them.

The current result is a mystery shopping reporting software that is easy to use, interactive, engaging, and incredibly powerful. Whether you are a division manager, a store manager, or a Corporate executive when you login to our video mystery shopping platform only the data applicable to you is shown. Custom filters and searches allow users to get to the most compelling information within seconds, and utilize the system for any purpose: training, presentations, or research. Talon is designed for any type of client and audit. Whether you are a convenience store, fast food restaurant, grocery store, or another retail business our software will adapt nicely to the type of audit we perform for you.

Talon, as a mystery shopping reporting software,  integrates some of the most advanced technology from across the web under the hood. Creating it has pushed our developers to new heights. Truly, a mystery shopping reporting software like this one could not be created without a team that is intimately aware of all the facets of business that a mystery shopping provider faces. All of history and experience has gone into this technology, and it has the components necessary to shake the industry.

We are most excited about Talon’s future. We want to keep raising the bar enhancing our processes and technology in order to provide our clients’ more valuable and actionable data each year.

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