Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard on Talon offers at a glance view of some of the most noteworthy information regarding your video mystery shops. A beautiful animated wheel shows the overall score for whichever period you want to see. Top 5 and Bottom 5 are clickable and allow the user to see those audits very quickly. One of our trademark reports, Summary Rankings, are included right on the Dashboard allowing you to quickly see which stores, divisions or regions rank the highest, and what their averages are for the selected period. Also, users have access to all their favorite videos, trend graphs for the overall score, and an animated wheel of how many audits are available to view for the selected period.

Dashboard is a great place to get an overview of your shops in under a minute. This is a perfect tool for the busy executive that would love to see more of the shops, but simply cannot invest that much time at present. This page grabs all the highlights, and puts them into one good looking, convenient location.