Summarized Data

All the individual data that we collect as apart of our regular video mystery shopping service allows for compelling summary data. We can summarize the results of individual questions, whole departments, sub categories of related questions, and many other data sets. This summarized data can provide valuable insights into trends, and also help our corporate clients identify what level of management is responsible for various types of results.

For example, if the summarized data shows that all locations in a particular division or district have low scores in a particular area, it may point to a weakness in the division management. By the same token if one department scores high consistently in a particular category summarized data can help identify a real strength in management at that department level.

Our clients have used this data to make key changes in every level of their organization to better meet their own performance standards. With the objective evidence of video attached to all results clients can be confident in the actions that they take related to our results.

Summarized data affects all user types. When a location Manager signs in to the video mystery shopping software, they can see yearly or quarterly summaries of their location. A District Manager can see these type of results for their district, but also pull custom summaries of each location within their district. Higher level users see larger aggregate summaries, and have the ability to custom pull summaries of any lower data set. Oftentimes mystery shopping reports are only provided statically for one month at a time, but with Eagle Eye the results are kept in perpetuity. This means that summarized data can be generated for any length of time.

Summary reports allow users to make sense of large quantities of related data with ease. Users should also read about our Drill Down feature to learn how summary reports can be used to drill down to specific data that contributes to the summarized result. See drill down here.