Interactive Comments

Interactive comments allow any manager who is viewing reports to quickly communicate with Eagle Eye or with other levels of management within the company. Whether it is the manager of the store that got evaluated adding context to situation, or a corporate user wanting answers on events that transpired interactive comments allow real collaboration to occur within the mystery shop reports. Interactive comments are one of the most powerful features in our video mystery shopping software platform Talon.

Comments are located in the same spot that the auditor and reviewer comments are, so there can be a separate thread for each question on the survey. When a user leaves a new comment, everyone who typically subscribes to that report is notified by email. Our clients have found this to be an easy tool to gain further insight on our results, and pass information back and forth across the organization related to customer facing situations.

With a tool like interactive comments in our video mystery shopping software people want to login to see results. Coupled with video our reporting software is an end to end tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses, and then having a record on conversations, and trends regarding every level of result from individual questions to overall scores.

Interactive comments are a time saver too. If a District Manager wants a store manager to explain a result, they don’t have to spend time on simple things in person. They can simply ask using comments, and the Store Manager will be notified of a question. If there is a scoring clarification, our EERI admins are also notified and can help get the answers required. Interactive comments are an easy to use powerful feature in the Talon video mystery shopping software that really enhance our clients’ experiences. We are excited to continue to hear about compelling dialogue that happens as a result of this feature.