• Cloud Video Access

    Cloud Video Access

    With technology at our fingertips, video quality and upload turn-around is faster than ever! Backups for video shops are stored and you may choose how to share the data. Use video for employee training, employee compliance, and so much more. Need Ideas?

  • Trend Analysis

    See where you're headed

    Are greetings improving at your locations up North? Our reports lets you identify trends!

  • Historical Employee Data

    Find Your Consistent Stars

    Over time through our services clients have employees who get evaluated multiple times. Our web based Employee Reporting system brings together all of an employees history of evaluations coupled with video so you can get a great grasp of consistently high performers.

  • Reports Plus Instant Video

    Relive the Evaluation

    Take the uncertainty and questioning out of your feedback process. With video to support all our findings it will be clear why scoring is reported a particular way. This clarity will allow you to focus on what is most important. Fixing the problems, and progressing forward.

  • Customizable Surveys

    Your Criteria, Your Survey

    We work with our clients to design and implement surveys that are most ideal for their company. Our experienced advisors provide valuable insights, but ultimately we are able to evaluate your locations by your unique set of criteria.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Get Evaluations Promptly

    Individual location results are auditing, fully verified and submitted to our clients within 48 hours. To top that comparative results are published as we go along so various team members of our clients business can see how they stack up to the rest of their company’s peers.

  • Level Based Reporting

    Organized like your Company

    What if a major problem lies with how a whole district is being managed? What if its a particular department? Our level based consistent reporting lets you identify strengths and weaknesses at each level of your organization, and lets each level of your organization receive the reporting that is relevant to their responsibilities. Individual questions are compiled into departments, which are compiled into stores. Stores get grouped in districts, and districts into regions. Each of these has unique compiled data so that issues can be pinpointed.

  • Custom Email Notifications

    Get Your Team Engaged

    Notifications for shop completion, Action Required, Honor Roll, and other customizable options.

  • Clarification System

    Get More Details

    Perhaps a store level manager disagrees with a result, or a division manager wants clarification on one of their stores department results…our clarification system is an easy to use, interactive and fast way on assuring feedback is clear and complete. Each result can be clarified, and with our video backed surveys clarification isn’t a guessing game.

  • Numerous Filters

    Get to What You Need Fast!

    Various Sorting Options, Filters, and search fields allow users to get to relevant data quickly and intuitively.

  • Consultative Relationships

    An Internal Advisor, Not a Call Center

    Your point of contact will be a client advisor with experience in your industry. This advisor will manage your services to ensure our team provides a custom solution for your unique business.

  • Drill Down with Video

    Visual Feedback All Over

    Suppose a Division Manager is viewing Summary Sheets and comes upon a question that all his stores struggled with. Our drill down feature allows them to see all the stores that missed that question with relevant video all cross referenced in a compiled view. This is just one of the many ways that we take huge quantities of data and make it easy to navigate.

  • Announced Inspections

    Get a Detailed look at Your Food Service

    Many of our clients make their highest margins off vertical food service. To maximize their Return on Investment they hire our professional ServSafe Certified Inspectors to Audit this crucial business category monthly. We can check product quality, coding, temperatures, calibration and more. We can also add in on site instant feedback coupled with our detailed reporting

  • Experience Validity

    Results with Video Evidence

    Internal incentive programs can rely on our trustworthy authenticated results.

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  • Rural Completion

    We go everywhere you are!

    Our unique method puts equal value everywhere you’ve chosen to do business.

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