EERI Process with Talon

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The Video Mystery Shop

Video Auditing at the field level is the foundation to what we do. Years of development have gone into building a one of a kind model. Have you noticed that aren’t many options for video mystery shopping, and that none seem to do it exclusively?

Video is extremely difficult to deal with. In fact, what we do wasn’t possible 1 year ago. What we did one year ago wasn’t possible two years ago, and when we started with video many problems had to be worked through.

Only Eagle Eye brings you video mystery shopping, performed by professional auditors, and priced at costs competitive with traditional mystery shops. Years of innovation across tens of thousands of evaluations have helped us perfect this rock solid foundation.

The Validation

Reporting is only as valuable as the underlying data is accurate. The human mind can only remember 7 things simultaneously. Many audits contain upwards of 50 questions! Unfortunately, we are sure that most mystery shopping reports are off by 20% or more!

We solve this dilemma with 2 unique solutions. 1. Work with professionals that gain experience, and thus can begin to group things mentally to retain more information. 2. Have professional verifiers check every second of every video to ensure that reports are accurate and complete.

Video allows for a completely unique validation process. The beauty of it is that it doesn’t end with our team. A built in clarification system allows clients to request that a particular point in an evaluation gets a third look.

The Reporting

Our audit system Talon is one of kind. It is the first mystery shopping platform that we know of that fully combines video data and reporting. Furthermore, even removing the video it contains features that makes it the most advanced reporting system out there!

The best part is that Talon is evolving.

We have already planned the next year of development on the Talon platform. What we have in store for our clients is amazing! Updates will all be inclusive and free to all clientele.


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